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Pillar Sports Academy

Pillar Sports Academy prides itself on developing our early years coaching program for Hong Kong Children from ages 2 to 7 years old. Our program revolves around overall development of your child’s coordination, balance, ball skills and fun!

We implement this through a range of sports from tennis, football, basketball and rugby - this encompasses an overall development for eye-hand-foot coordination in a fun game environment.

All program classes are led by our bi-lingual coaching teams (English & Cantonese), whose focus is building relationships and developing your child. Ages 2 to 5 years old we have 6 children per coach and 6 to 7 years old we have 8 children per coach to ensure one on one interaction and development.
Apart from our own program we also facilitate after school programs, birthday parties and holiday camps.

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Ethos - Children's Development

Our Pillar Sports Development Academy develops children through a mix of open ended and structured play with the help of our coaching team. Our program focuses on developing your child's balance, eye-hand-foot coordination and athleticism through our sports, tennis, basketball, football and rugby.

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