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Griptec Spray


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Griptec Spray

Product Specifications:

  1. Grip spray is heavily used in rugby league and union. Having a spray option is essential.
  2. Hydrophobic ingredients repel water and prevent product wearing out. These ingredients allow for maximum grip in wet, hot, sweaty, humid conditions.
  3. Fine particle size grit within the spray activates with moisture. This fine grit combined with the stiction of the spray provides a high friction grip optimising control.
  4. Ease of use, with a quick spray hands are completely covered. Also can be used to spray over arms and player uniforms or equipment.

Sizes Available

Item #: PSL-GTS | 200mls Bottle| 1 Bottle


Servings: Approx. 35-40 conservative applications

  • GripTec has been designed to be comfortable to use on hands as opposed to some competing products which rely solely on tackiness and can be gluggy and uncomfortable to use.
  • GripTec allows for athletes to easily release/pass balls.
  • Developed with two years research and development, in conjunction with NZ Super Rugby Teams. Now used by all professional rugby teams in New Zealand including the National side. Also used by NRL team The Warriors and the National rugby league side.


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