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Perskindol Cool Spray

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Perskindol Cool spray for a cooling sensation for your muscles.


Perskindol Cool Spray

Product Specifications:

  1. Non-Aerosol Pump.
  2. Colorless.
  3. Adhesive Spray
  4. Non-Staining.

Sizes Available

Item # PSL-PERSKINDOLCS | 250ml Can | 1 Can

Perskindol Cool spray for a cooling sensation for your muscles.

This topical spray provides an instant freezing effect that relieves pain and limit the spread of swelling. Made with a unique formulation that includes menthol and mentha arvensis (wild mint) leaf oil, it can be used to treat common sporting injuries such as sprains, bruises, and dislocations. It is a spray that cools down sensitive and painful muscles. The spray can be applied directly on the skin and is taken in by the skin quickly. The spray is easy to use and can cover a larger area at once.

Benefits are;

– Soothes pain and helps prevent swelling
– Penetrates quickly without leaving residue on the skin
– Does not irritate skin
– Fast and easy to use
– Long-lasting

Shake before use. Use a small amount of pressure to spray in a circle on the affected area. Spray from a minimal distance of 15 cm. It cools down directly and can be use to any parts of the body.

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